We’re not simply distributors or brokers, we act as partners in the UK to maximise sales and serve as your direct route to market.

We always recommend starting with bespoke market research to understand who your consumers are, what they want and how they buy. This informs launch strategy, sales, marketing, PR, social media, advertising, logistics and even NPD.

By using our category expertise and market insight to advise on everything from product quality and packaging to point of sale and shelf placement, we help you develop a thorough approach that builds brand equity and positions you for sustainable growth.

In the UK we work across 3 different sectors:

How can May & Raeburn help you?

As a well-established company with a young, dynamic, management team, May & Raeburn offer a cost-effective approach for companies looking to develop retail sales in the UK Grocery Trade. Companies looking to enter the UK, or even current suppliers looking to review existing salesforce requirements, can benefit from May & Raeburn handling their UK sales operation. Our national coverage of all Grocery trade sectors allows us to offer test market launch opportunities for new products and projects.

How much does it all cost?

Like the Sales and Marketing solutions that we offer, our cost structure is very flexible. We firmly believe in cost-effective solutions, where costs reflect volumes sold. By choosing May & Raeburn as your partner, we will minimise your cost of sale from day one and keep your expenditure in constant step with sales revenue.

We offer a comprehensive available package including:

  • Bespoke market research
  • Launch strategies
  • Sales, marketing, PR and advertising across all channels
  • Logistics
  • Product development
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics and distribution